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Buying Adult Traffic isn't as simple as making an Adult Traffic purchase and watching sales roll in. There are different forms of Adult Traffic for sale including Clicked Adult Traffic, Skimmed Adult Traffic, Popunder Adult Traffic, Mobile Adult Traffic and each type will produce different results.

Step #1 is to buy the right type of traffic. Step #2 is to Geographically filter your Adult Traffic buys to only the countries you or the affiliate program you are promoting are capable of billing. Doesn't make sense to buy traffic from countries that can't be billed from the affiliate program. Step #3 if buying Clicked Adult Traffic is to choose high quality images for your thumbnails and to rotate them in order to find the highest (CTR) Click Through Rate. Step #4 if buying Clicked Adult Traffic is to choose relevant images for your thumbnails. Having a thumbnail of a Milf when your promoting the Teen niche makes no sense. Step #5 Use Analytics or a similar form of stats program to monitor page views, bounce rate, average time on site and block sources of traffic that continually send 100% bounce rate and 0:00 time on site. Clicked Adult Traffic will generally show lower bounce rates than Skimmed or Popunder as they actually "Clicked" the ad instead of being forced to view it therefore making it a more targeted visitor.

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